Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Golden Days

Sending out gallons of cyber champagne to Melanie who rocketed her way into the finals of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart competition with not one manuscript - but two!

This isn't a little three chapter competition either - it's the whole MS. There's no hiding there. If you've got a sagging middle, a black moment that's more a pale puce colour or a few things that just don't quite gel - it's preeety unlikely you'll make it to the finals. After all, they get over 1000 entries every year.

So congratulations you clever thing, and wishing you everything good for your trip to Dallas in July :)


Mel said...

Thanks : )

Still grinning foolishly but also v. grateful to my writing buds, 'cos there'd be no book without them.

Amra Pajalic said...

Just saw Megan McCafferty as books you are reading. I have to track her down. Was intriguied after that whole plagairism scandal. What do you think? Also have to read Barbara Samual too. Why does the list keep expanding?

Robyn E said...

Nah, don't be grateful. Before you know it we'll be hitting you up for free books. Then you'll be all 'WHY did i pick these people as my friend? WHY?'

Robyn E said...

I love Megan McCafferty. Great stuff and a natural yet enthralling voice. I also adore Sarah Dessen. I thought the plagerism thing was just sad. Sad that McCafferty found herself in every writer's worst nightmare, and sad that Viswanathan put herself in such a damning position.
Great to hear from you Ms Amra :)