Sunday, March 18, 2007

Breakfast Fiend Mark I

I am one of Melbourne's biggest breakfast fiends, I'm sure of it.
I've been obsessed by the whole breakfast out thing for about five years now. Every Sunday, sometimes Saturday, and even during the week if someone is crazy enough to give me the day off.

I'm ashamed to say it all started with McDonalds and a particularly tasty Sausage and Egg McMuffin, but it has progressed a LOOOOONG way from there and totally with the help and inspiration of Jamie Wodetzki of The Breakfast Blog .

This guy ROCKS at the whole breakfast thing, and TJ and I have been shamelessly following his lead when it comes to all things of breakfasty goodness.

Without him we would never have found:

Mart 130
The Green Grocer
Replete Providore

All places where I've spent many mornings noodling on my alphasmart while my coffee goes cold.

And we certainly would never have stumbled over Balzari, where this morning I had a pesto and egg dish made that almost made me cry with the way something so simple was made with such panache. I'm sure those herbed tomatoes were picked off a vine in the chef's backyard on his way to work, they were so tasty and fresh.

Coffee = strong and yum
service = friendly and professional
ambiance = mellow

And the mellowness was exactly what I needed after being chief mocktail maker for my lovely niece's 16th birthday party.

SisterL and I came up with our own concoctions of mocktails called The Pink Tutu, the Sunset and the Cococobana that after
  • crushing the ice
  • sugaring the rim
  • chopping the mint
  • blending the raspberries
  • adding the passionfruit
  • whizzing it all together; and
  • placing the sweet plastic monkey on the rim
the kids gulped down in one swallow and held their plastic martini glasses for a refill. Ha! I needed something stronger than fruit juice by midnight, I can tell you.

There were sixty-five fifteen and sixteen year-olds running amok and dancing like there was no tomorrow. They had an absolute ball and my only regret was that adults weren't allowed to join in. I mean, come on, anyone who knows me even slightly knows I'm 100% capable of being in the thick of this:

Which is perhaps the heart of the problem and the reason for the rule. After all, fifteen year olds who spend 4 nights a week in dance class look a lot different dancing while foam is being sprayed all over them to a thirty-five year old with a jumbo sized muffin top and jeans that don't quite do up.

But I would've given it a red hot go.

So I had to content myself with adding to said muffin top by dipping a few marshmallows in this:

Which I can tell you was both extremely messy and totally yummy.

It was a fun night that left me wishing I was sixteen again :)

Which probably explains why I love writing about being sixteen! The universe certainly has a way of making sure you're in the right place, sometimes.

Peace, love and fruity sweet mocktails.



Keziah Hill said...

I lurv the Green Grocer! It's one of my favorite places to eat in Melbourne. And Babka's in Brunswick St.

Kiki said...

Oooh, I love the Green Grocer! I applied for a job there once. *sigh*
I wish I could afford to go out for breakfast. You've made me hungry! >_<

Robyn said...

It rocks doesn't it? and would be an ace place to work. And you wouldn't even get fat because of all those vegetables.
I've got other fav's in fitzroy too like Sou Sou and ICI and the next one we're trying out is Filter. I really should go live in Fitzroy.

Robyn said...

and, yes, Keziah - I love babka's too! I had the best cherry danish i've ever ever had there.

Julie said...

That dancing in the foam picture is the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life. At first, I thought it was some kind of hors doeuvres from the party--shrimp cocktail on ice or something! LOL!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm breakfast! Leave a Sunday open for us! We're there!
love you heaps! Matilda