Monday, November 10, 2008

Update for Monday

Revision Update:
Today, while sitting in a meeting where I served no other purpose than to make sure the web hookup didn't fall over, I wrote the end of my synopsis. Yay team Reviso! I'm sure they wondered what the heck I could possibly be writing when it was a Partner's meeting and let's just say I'm not exactly Partner material. More than one confused look was thrown in my direction, I can tell you that much.

Tonight: I have to proof it so I can send it through to the lulus in the lead up to our critique session this Saturday. So it's finished for now, I guess, because they always give me food for thought.

Strange happening of the day:
On my lunch break, I locked myself out on the balcony at work by mistake and had to wait for security to come unlock the door. It was the same guy who gave me a serve last week for moving one of the coffee tables so I could type on it. I think I'm his Dennis the Menace.


laslig said...

That sounds like a challenge for you to work on - see what else you can come up with to consolidate your Dennis the Menaceness.

Robyn E said...

I could always eat something on their plush new sofas. He'd smell a donut from 50 metres i reckon.

gabriellel66 said...

Heh! Gotta use the time you have wisely. Sounds like me in Grade 12 chemistry exam when I asked for more paper and the teacher went "Really? YOU'RE doing the essay portion?" and I said "No, I'm writing a book."

Robyn E said...

so not much has changed since

Matilda said...

I want to be somebody's Dennis the Menace!