Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's supposed to be Nanowrimo. Write a book, or 50,000 words of a book, in the month of November.

But now is not the time for me to start a new book. I have a perfectly good old book that's begging to be finished. So I've changed it to NanoReviso.

There are two hundred pages of manuscript that need rewriting/pulling apart/binning and if I do ten or so pages a day.....well it sounds easy. But it's been like trawling through treacle these past few weeks. Which for me normally means I've taken a wrong turn somewhere, or am writing something that would be better skipped. Time to move on to the next shiny scene rather than trying to link them together far too chronologically.

Or maybe I'm just nervous about getting to the guts of the novel where I've made some big but really cool changes in my head that scare the pants off me. Somehow I have to get the good stuff on to the page.
But hold on, just typing that sentence made me realize how monumentally stupid I'm being.


I think I need to go here and get me some pep talks from my favorite writers.

But for anyone who's interested - it's not too late to start writing your first novel!
Go here for details.

And stay tuned for updates on how I'm going with it.


Freya Croft said...

Nano Reviso - I love it.
And you can do it! Just think - every so often 1 of those 10 pages will only have maybe 4 lines on it before a chapter break.
It'll be like a page for free!

Matilda said...

I'm staying tuned...

Robyn E said...

I like this page-for-free theory. It works for me....and now that the lovely Ms M is staying tuned the pressure is on! M I know you'll be looking for results next time we have breakfast.