Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Reviso update

18 pages further along. Not as far as I hoped to be, but I did an extra reviso of 50 pages for my Golden Heart entry. I enter this little baby every year with the same sterling result of nada, but it's such a thrill to enter that I can never resist.

I managed two early morning cafe jaunts. I got totally burned at one by adding extras onto my breakfast, not realising they were $4 dollars a pop so that I had to work half the morning just to pay off my breakfast debt. Needless to say that misleading blackboard won't be getting my custom any more! AND the bacon was awful, the eggs were done on the griddle and the toast was mushy. I think that about covers it. Oh, no, and the coffee tasted like aniseed and I still can't figure out why. I'm all for a nutty coffee, but aniseed first thing in the morning? BLERK.

But still, 18 pages is 18 pages closer. Hopefully more to report soon.


Matilda said...

Well done! Not the breakfast...the 18 pages!

gabriellel66 said...

Revise on, girlie! But not at that bad, bad café. Aniseed coffee? That makes me shudder.

Freya Croft said...

moving ever closer to getting chocolate for finishing a book!
(and yes, finishing a revision counts!)

Robyn E said...

Thanks for your excellent and supporting thoughts. You guys rock (hey, can any of you write the book for me???)