Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Little Manuscript!

Awww, I feel so proud! The dear manuscript, A Whiff of Scandal, has gone and gotten itself a nomination for the Golden Heart® award with Romance Writers of America. I recently spoke to my manuscript and it had the following to say:

WOS: "Huh? You sent me WHERE?"
Me: "I sent you to the US, to be read by independent judges who would tell me how good or crap you were."
WOS: "You WHAT? Holy freaking hell, what were you thinking? Did you not for a moment wonder if you should run this by me first! I have rights!"
ME: "They loved it and you finaled..."
WOS: "Oh." Pause. "Are those flowers for me?"
me: "Yes indeed. You did good work."
Grumble grumble. "Why do you sound surprised?"


Tamara Gill said...

Congrats Robyn.
So happy for you. :)
Good luck with the final.
Tam x

Robyn E said...

Thanks Tam :-)
Stoked to have made it this far!

Bronwyn Parry said...

Huge congrats, Robyn! May this be the beginning of many wonderful things for you and your writing!

Gillian Layne said...

Adorable! I love your title. Can't wait to meet you in Nashville. :)

Keziah Hill said...

Wonderful news Robyn! Are you going to Nashville?

Robyn Enlund said...

Thanks Keziah!
I'd love to go to Nashville, but might not be able to swing it this year :-)

Nicola Marsh said...

A huge YAAAAY!

So thrilled for you. :)

Can't believe I only just discovered you'd finalled this very minute.

I am so hectic with life and writing stuff...need to stop and check blogs more often!

Robyn Enlund said...

Thanks Nic :-)
i know what you mean! i missed two weeks of news entirely shifting house!