Saturday, October 3, 2009

503 words

Really is was more like 1,500, but a series of 'crap, that's no good' DELETE episodes, has bought it down to 500.
I'm still on the same scene too. They're at the Bow Street Magistrates Court and I keep getting sucked into trying to research and write at the same time. I adore researching, but it doesn't make for words on the page. So in the end, I've had to do the dodgy old 'insert something historically accurate' as a placeholder so I can get them thar words done.

In other news: Went to Porgie & Mr Jones for breakfast this morning with the lovely Matilda & Peter. Phoebe told me in no uncertain terms that Aunty Matilda plans to dress her up as a pumpkin for halloween. THAT I'd like to see!

In other other news: The urban myth that where there's one huntsman there's always two has so far proven inaccurate.