Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping the girl honest

Here's the deal.
I come here every day for a month.
I post how many words I did to finish my lovely book - even if it's a big whopping zero.
This keeps me motivated because, lord, how embarrassing it would be to write ZERO for the thirty-one days of October.

In retrospect:
Yesterday = 1621 words. Precisely.

Today = 1126

In other news - I closed the curtains at around 8 and a whopping big, and I mean BIG, huntsman stared down at me from the top of the curtain. The size of a cheeseburger, I kid you not. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, it was more like the diameter of a coffee cup, but still. HUGE.
I only tell you this because me and the spider stood there looking at each other - me with my hands quivering and a can of flyspray in my hand, it with its fangs raised and long hairy legs ready to pounce. Then all of a sudden I realised that we were doing the exact same thing - waiting for a monster to make its move. Poor dear thing. So I went and got a vase and plopped him in it (I'm leaving out the part where I made squealing noises) and took him outside to a tree three houses down.
Then I laughed at myself. THREE HOUSES DOWN? Overreaction MUCH?


Mel said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! Repeat after me, a huntsman is not a "dear thing". It is hairy grossness. And if one must save them rather than enforcing the "if you come inside, you die" rule, three streets away is preferable (and taken there by a boy). LOL

Unreasonable when it comes to big hairy spiders, who me?

Yay on the words though! Blogging progress is a good motivator for me most of the time.

Matilda said...

words, words and more words! well done! keep writing!

i'm with Mel, huntman is not a "dear thing".... it's hair grossness for sure!

Keziah Hill said...

How 'bout we try and keep each other honest? I'll post my words on my blog for the next month too.

Robyn E said...

Deal! I'm going to keep you honest too :-)

Uli said...

Nice job with all those words.

As for the Huntsman, they don't bother me. I think it's because where I grew up in semi-bushland they appeared in the house all the time, and because they're so big they're easier to sweep up and deposit elsewhere, you can see where they go. Even if it is three doors down!