Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Dog Heaven

In dog heaven there are wide expanses of green green grass where you can run circles in joyous abandon.
There are trees covered in sniffs to paw over
There are plates of fresh cooked chicken and slices of corned beef from Dad.
There is no vet.
There are pillows to lie on, tissues to chew and patches of sun to sleep the afternoon away in.
In dog heaven, nobody asks you to come or sit or tells you you're a bad dog.
Instead, God is pulls you up onto his lap to give you a scratch behind the ear, or on your belly, or wherever you feel like it most.
There's all kinds of chocolate that's not bad for you.
There are no fleas.
In dog heaven, the roads aren't paved with gold, they're paved with those squeaky toys you love so much, like Henry, and Froggy and Monte.
There are lots of other dogs to play with, and you'll feel like a puppy again.
Sometimes it rains, so you can run through the mud but mostly it's like a fresh spring morning.
You'll love it. And one day when I get up there too, you 'll be wagging to see me and show me around.

There better be all these things and more, Mookie. There better be every little thing your heart desires or ...
or what?
or i think my heart will break.


Mel said...

There's all those things and more, sweetie. Pets deserve heaven. And Mookie had a pretty heavenly life here, so real heaven can only be better.

Hugs again for you : (

Keziah Hill said...

Rob! Big hugs and kisses for you.

Robyn E said...

Thanks for the hugs you guys. Sorely needed!

Amra Pajalic said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mookie. Your post was beautiful and I'm sure he's in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo.