Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing hookey

I'm not supposed to be blogging right now. I should be doing my bookwork.

But it's a big ugly pile of bookwork, with bills to pay and forms to fill in and applications to make and payrolls to run. Agggh. Doesn't my inbox know that I'm really not in the mood?

But you can see my pile. If it could talk, it would not be using nice words.

So i'm going to do fifteen minutes pile and five minutes blog. That way both me and the pile will be happy (in theory).

Here goes (headphones on, I'm shuffling off to my bookwork - 8.42pm)


Crikey banana! if my husband makes one more trip to Coles I'm going to cry! How many dockets can one man collect in his wallet?? And each one has to be entered seperately...aggggh!!

okay, roll back shoulders, put my pajamas on.

8.49pm - make note to tell husband not to take 'cash out' on company card. Does my head in.

right, back to work.

9.04pm: It ceased to be 2010 38 days ago. If I keep typing 2010 I shouldn't be surprised when the transactions appear in the 2010 reports and not 2011.

9.12pm Got sprung desk dancing to itunes. People should NOT sneak up behind you when they're supposed to be sleeping off a headcold in bed.

9.27PM - I love it when I go on an internal rant that some unfeeling person hasn't written the cheque details down on an invoice (meaning I have to go searching for them), only to find my writing on the cheque stub.

9.43pm - am being scouted by a mozzie. And I can't hear the little blighter because my headphones are too loud. Some idiot around here must have some stagnant water because they're just everywhere. I'm hoping the OFF! I liberally applied works.

9.50pm -- sad face. Still have big pile to go. I actually haven't even made it to my inbox yet, just working on random papers on my desk. Feel a bit sick.

Mozzie just dive-bombed me!! BRAZEN (also, coincidentally, the working title of my next book, LOL).

10.16PM - Why is it that the oldest stapler you have always works the best?

I'm slowing down now. The internet beckons...but really, I need to stop reading those parent forums that talk about how their 20-month-olds are talking in complete sentences, know their abc and are doing olympic worthy somersaults. Always makes me want to punch something.

ps - now have ten-cent-piece shaped bite from dive-bombing mozzie - he bit my **neck** the thieving little vampire! Because, you know, it's the one spot I don't have repellent.

10.44pm...i can't do any more...please send chocolate.