Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cleaning - Why Bother?

My house is a disaster zone right now. Stuff dripping from every surface and threatening to topple, so i thought I better clean up a bit cos there's nothing on this weekend, and if i leave it as it is, they might have to use GPS to find me after I collapse under the weight of all my crap.

Anyway, I'd just finished making the lounge room sparkle with cleany goodness and stood back to survey my handiwork when a thought struck me. 'Hmmm," I thought. "Wouldn't it be good, if i could just move my bookcase like an inch to the left?'
GIRL - LEAVE YOUR FREAKING BOOKCASE WHERE IT IS. I mean, what sort of person thinks about shifting a bookshelf at 7am when they should be SLEEPING IN?
Anyway, this is the aftermath of what happens when you try to shift a bookshelf 'just an inch' while the books are still in it.

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Man. I mean that bookshelf had *way* to much in it to start with, but it looks like so much more when it avalanches itself onto the floor. Also take a gander at my circa 1991 tv. You should see my microwave - it has a DIAL and I'm sure is emitting enough radiation to light up all of Melbourne if it chose to use its powers for good.
But of course even this piece of tosspottery has a silver lining. There I was putting them into the neat piles you see before you, when I start slowing right down, saying 'wow, there's that copy of P&P mum picked up from a bookstall in Cornwell in 1983' and 'cool, who knew I had that Pan version of 'Beauvallet?'
Sad sad book girl.
So now I need coffee. I mean, you can't expect me to clean up that kind of mess on no coffee?
Kosina this morning. Because they will give me eggs or pancakes too.
We loves them.


Matilda said...

Don't you just hate mess?! I do! PJ really likes the new wardrobe... I'm ready to have the next one done! Hope you managed to put your bookcase back together!

Annie said...

You poor thing Robyn! Hopefully you got to splash out on a shiny new bookcase :-)