Sunday, June 10, 2007

Retract previous happy dancing

Ha! Apparently the book that I thought was FINITO is not as finito as previously presumed.
People have read the masterpiece, and found some not-so-masterpiece like qualities like plot holes, loose ends and other various items needing urgent attention.
So the happy dancing and fun process of sending the MS off to the agent of choice is currently in a state of stasis.
As am I.

Oh my. Will somebody please rename this blog 'Procrastinating Up a Storm' because it's been oh, say TWO WEEKS since I got all this lovely feedback and I could only bear to look at the manuscript yesterday morning. And even then it was with the trepidation of someone sitting on an outdoor dunny seat knowing there's a nest of red-back spiders living in the corner.

Not that I've been sitting around with my finger in my ear - I started a new MS in a Don't Look Down draft and who wants to go back to a rewrite when there's a magic new world waiting for you?

But that's okay. I know once I get back into it, it'll only take a week or so and it will be all the stronger for it, and leaving it these couple of weeks means I'm coming back lots fresher and objectively.

So, I've pencilled in some Snoopy Dancing for later in the week, but for this afternoon, I'll just procrastinate a little more writing the new one.

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Mel said...

No, no, no. You get snoopy dancing at the end of each pass, otherwise it's not fun. Needing another pass does not invalidate previous snoopy dancing : ) I will snoopy dancing at the end my wip even though I know it will need a lot of revision.

and you always need time off. and new worlds...